All my Chameleon Signals

Interactive database of 3-D scanned personal objects.
*Collaborative text, written with American poet and academic, Cynthia Arrieu-King, and an artificial neural network.

Corinna Berndt, “Not Born digital”, installation view, Verge Gallery, Sydney, 2021. Photography: Zan Wimberley

The project was shown as part of "Not Born Digital”, an exhibition reimagining these narratives that might emerge in digital record keeping through speculating upon their continuous relationship to the material world. "Not Born Digital” explores the potential of digital scanning to enable a hybrid materialisation of bodied and disembodied information. By extension, this process also invites an examination of the kind of languages, grammars and poetics that potentially govern these hybrid forms. “All My Chameleon Signals”, interactive website of 3D scanned personal items, 2019 – ongoing.

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Travelling the Alpha Layer

Youjia Lu, Kellie Wells, Corinna Berndt

Youjia Lu, Kellie Wells, Corinna Berndt, Travelling the Alpha Space, George Paton Gallery, Parkville, 2016. Photo Youjia Lu

Exhibition Dates: 16 March - Sunday 15 April, 2018,  Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, 

Travelling the Alpha Layer explored the digital image space through the practice of three video artists. The exhibition questioned how the digital image can be used effectively for communicating embodied experiences and possibilities for self-representation in video art.  The videos in this exhibition evolved from frequent discussions on the potentials within the digital screen space for female-identifying artists who use their faces and bodies to critique contemporary visual culture. Travelling the Alpha Layer investigated whether the digital format can both hold and transform information and issues relating to the physical body, subjectivity, emotional experiences and contemporary concepts of identity.  

Operation Margarine

Michael Ciavarella, Corinna Berndt

Corinna Berndt and Michael Ciavarella, Operation Margarine, installation view, Westspace, Melbourne, 2012.

Exhibition Dates: 27 Jul – 18 Aug 2012, West Space, Melbourne

Operation Margarine explored the poetics and possibilities of collage and collaboration between two artists. For this exhibition, Michael Ciavarella and Corinna Berndt created two works separately, and several works collaboratively. All works were a response to each other’s artistic practice.

Like a science laboratory for artistic modes, Berndt and Ciavarella produced a body of work collaboratively and individually under a specific set of conditions. The artists intended these rules to highlight, test and define boundaries of play and randomness.

Curatorial Projects:

Across Pieces of Sky

Shraddha Borawake
(India), Dongyan Chen (Singapore / China), Rochyne Delaney McNulty (England), Sophie Morrow (Australia), Ivetta Sunyoung Kang (Canada / South Korea), Marcia Vaitsman (Brazil)

Ivetta Sunyoung Kang. From Body to Body to Bodies by Time Art and Culture, Canada Far-east Art Center, Montreal, Canada, 2020

Exhibition Dates: 2 June – 26 June 2021, Trocadero Art Space, Gallery 2

Across Pieces of Sky brings together the discursive practices of five international and two local artists who met in 2019 during an artist residency in Berlin. The works in the exhibition contemplate ideas of friendship, language, social connectedness and our relationship to the environment in times of uncertainty. Featuring several videos, a collection of voice-recordings, and a participatory piece, the artists invite the audience to reflect upon the various relational networks that exist between gestures, people, and surrounding ecosystems.

Curated by Corinna Berndt

Across the Haze

Cynthia Arrieu-King (USA), Corinna Berndt (Australia / Germany), Shraddha Borawake (India), Dongyan Chen (Singapore / China), Rochyne Delaney McNulty (England), Sophie Morrow (Australia), Ivetta Sunyoung Kang (Canada / South Korea), Marcia Vaitsman (Brazil).

Shraddha Borawake, This Beautiful Venus Trap Earth Body, with Eline Bochem, 2019, video still (cropped)

Exhibition Dates: 18 March – 4 April 2020 (cancelled due to COVID19 lockdown), Trocadero Art Space, Project Space,

Across the Haze brings together the discursive practices of six international and two local artists, who met last year during a residency in Berlin. Together, the group grapples with current global events while contemplating the role of connectedness in the midst of uncertainty. The works include a fictional broadcast by a group of friends in China, produced while spending Chinese New Year in quarantine; a poem that recounts fleeting moments of communal living while interacting with a CAPTCHA test; a video recording of a Fluxus performance, in which two female artists build shrines with curated garbage; an instructional hand massage based on a Korean children’s game to alleviate anxiety; a WhatsApp conversation between two friends on different continents; a pretend video game in which the end of the world could be averted by collective action.

Curated by Corinna Berndt

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Podcast episode on the project via Three Bellybuttons
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Three Bellybuttons is a podcast blog that is produced and managed by Melbourne/Narrm artist, Siying Zhou. In each episode, Siying makes a conversation with the invited guests about current art exhibitions and events in Australia and beyond


Project design and facilitation of TROC Peer-to-Peer online mentorship program for emerging artists, Tracadero Art Space, 2021.  

This six-months online mentorship program created paid opportunities for emerging artists and arts educators within a peer-to-peer setting, fostering professional development, networking, mentorship and skill sharing. The program aimed to address and improve practice, equity and access in the arts. It prioritised artists who were currently not receiving institutional support or training.

I co-facilitated the program with creative producer, Stacy Jewell. The program delivery was made possible by Trocadero Art Space’s brilliant and dedicated committee members and Creative Victoria Arts Grant Funding.

Program Participants
Augustine Ang, Avrille Burrows, Callum Watson, Candy Ng, Celine Dore, Eme, Eric Jong, Evangeline Clark, Fiona Knight, Indra Liusuari, Jahan Rezakhanlou, Jas Streten, Jason Harris, Jessica Tanto, John Elcatsha, Kelly Altair, Mara Braun, Noel Maghathe, Prudence Illingworth, Silvi Kadillari.

Program Mentors
Azza Zein, Caoife Power, Daniel Marks, Louisa Bufardeci, Siying Zhou, Youjia Lu, Steven Rhall, Zara Sully