Current PhD Candidate (Visual Art), the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Master of Fine Arts by Research (Visual Art), University of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, 2017. First Class Honours
Thesis: Re-imagining the Screen Space

Graduate Diploma of Art (English Literature), The University of Auckland 2009.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland, New Zealand, Elam School of Fine Arts, 2008


Berndt, C. Resurrecting Frankenstein’s Cyborg, conference paper for Frankenstein: Two Hundred Years of Monsters, 12-15 September 2018, (Presented by the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics and the Humanities Research Centre, in conjunction with the National Film and Sound Archive, supported by the
ANU Gender Institute.), Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia


Berndt, C. Streaming Data is the Ultimate Trust Exercise with the Moon, Vibe. Southbank Arts Review, 2019

Berndt, C. Zoextropy The Posthuman Beauty, Un-extended reviews, Un Projects, 2019.


Berndt, C. Heartbeat, A network of Gestures, online work shown through George Paton Gallery, The University of Melbourne. Curated by Mary-Louise Carbone, 2020

Berndt, C. A new kind of utopia, Island is land, Bus Projects, 2019

Berndt C, This container is empty, Runway Experimental Arts Journal, 2018


Berndt, C., Trail G. Radical Imagination in Art Practice, Podcast episode, interview with artists Caroline Garcia, Eugenia Lim and curator Adam Porter, published as part of the University of Melbourne Graduate Academy Podcast Series, February 2021, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt,C. with Caoife Power, Out of Bounds, Bus Projects Podcast Series, forthcoming, November / December 2020, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C.with Siying Zhou, In conversation with the artists and curator of 'Across the Haze' exhibition, June 2020, Three Bellybuttons Podcast, Melbourne, Australia


Berndt, C. Link Tree, Verge Gallery, February 2021, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Berndt, C, Link Tree II, May 2021 Sawtooth Ari, Launceston, Australia

Berndt, C, Link Tree, Bus Projects, June 2021, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C. Streaming Data is the Ultimate Trust Exercise with the Moon, 27 - 31 August 2019, SomoS Arts House, Berlin, Germany

Berndt, C. Moving Pixels with the Speed of Light, 2 November 2018 – 25 January 2019, Richmond Library, City of Yarra Exhibition Program, Richmond, VIC, Australia

Berndt, C. Collision Level, 7-23 June 2018, Felt Space, Adelaide, Australia

Berndt, C. Collision Level, 17 August – 2 September 2018, St Heliers St Gallery, Abbotsford, Australia

Berndt, C. Invisible Vision & Superimposed Rhubarb, 30 September – 21 October,

2017, Kings Artist Run, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C. Soft Copy, 9 – 26 August 2017, Arcade Project Space, Footscray, Australia

Berndt, C. Re-imagine the Screen-Space, VCA MFA Graduate Exhibition, November 2016, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Southbank, Australia

Berndt, C. To Move in Non-Linear Dimensions, 6 – 23 April 2016, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, Australia

Berndt, C. Activities for Small Hours, October 2015, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy, Australia

Berndt, C. Assembling Physical Body, 19 June – 06 July 2013, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy, Australia

Berndt, C. Systems to Pointing, 19 June – 06 July 2010, C3 Contemporary Art Space, Collingwood, Australia


Project design and facilitation of TROC Peer-to-Peer online program for emerging artists, Trocadero Art Space, 2021.  

This six-months online mentorship program created paid opportunities for emerging artists and arts educators within a peer-to-peer setting, fostering professional development, networking and skill sharing. The program aimed to address and improve practice, equity and access in the arts, and prioritised artists who were currently not receiving institutional support or training. I co-facilitated the program with creative producer, Stacy Jewell. Its delivery was made possible by Trocadero Art Space’s brilliant and dedicated committee members and Creative Victoria Arts Grant Funding.


Berndt, C., Wells, K. Lu, Y, Travelling the Alpha Layer, 16 March – 15 April 2018, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Australia

Berndt, C., McLachlan, C. Depth Reception, Testing Grounds Residency, 2017, Testing Grounds, Southbank, Australia

Berndt, C., Wells, K. Lu, Y, Travelling through Alpha Space, 16 – 24 March 2016, George Paton Gallery, Parkville, Australia

Berndt, C., Ciavarella, M. Operation Margarine, 27 July – 18 August 2012, West Space, Melbourne, Australia


Berndt, C. Title to be confirmed, (curated by Robert Sakrowski) forthcoming, Router Gallery / Panke Gallery, Wedding, Berlin, Germany

Berndt, C. Topographic Resolutions II, (curated by Kyle Weise and Simone Hine), 15– 30 November 2019, Kuiper Projects, Brisbane, Australia

Berndt, C. Incinerator Award for Social Change, 12 October – 1 December 2019, Incinerator Gallery, Monee Ponds, VIC, Australia

Berndt, C. No Exit, (curated by Joshua Simpson), 26 September – 13 October 2019, Tinning Street Gallery, Brunswick, VIC, Australia

Berndt, C. 2018, Hurford Hardwood Award, 28 July – 23 September 2018, Lismore Reginal Gallery, Lismore, QLD, Australia

Berndt, C. Our Selves, (curated by Frances Fleetwood), October 5 – November 4, 2017, Ctrl+Shft Collective, Oakland, California, USA

Berndt, C. Elapse, (part of the 2017 Hobiennale, (curated by Tara O’Conal, Will Heathcote and Katie Ryan), December 2017, Rosney Schoolhouse Gallery, Hobart, Australia

Berndt, C. Sweet FA Festival, 26-27 August 2017, Trocadero Arcade, Footscray, Australia

Berndt, C. MCA ARTBAR, (curated by Julia Gorman), 26 May 2017,
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, Australia

Berndt, C. The Screen, (curated by Kat Clark), May 2017,
Chin Chin Wall of Art, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C. Five Cents Cinema, (curated by Paula Van Beek). September 2016, Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall, North Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C. Without Endings, (curated by Siri Hayes), 27 November – 17 December 2016, Kings Artist Run, Melbourne, Australia.

Berndt, C. Melbourne Central Art Loop 2, (curated by Mars Gallery), 6 November 2016 - & February 2016, Melbourne Central, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C.2016, Who is Mr Favisar, 10-27 June 2016,
Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, Australia

Berndt, C. It’s that sometimes you move too loud, Edmund Pearce Gallery, (curated by Sharon Flynn), 15 January – 1 February 2014. Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Berndt, C. Crystal Palms, October 2012, Substation Contemporary Art Space, Newport, Australia

Berndt, C. Melbourne 2013, The Banyule Award for Works on Paper, (Curated by Claire Watson), Hatch, Contemporary Art Space, Ivanhoe, VIC, Australia

Berndt, C. Substation Contemporary Art Award, September 3-15, 2011, Substation Contemporary Art Space, Newport, VIC, Australia

Berndt, C, Urban Appropriation, July 2010, Anna Pappas Gallery, Prahran, VIC, Australia


Berndt, C, Across the Haze, Trocadero Art Space, March 2020, Footscray, Australia with Cynthia Arrieu-King (USA), Shraddha Borawake (India), Dongyan Chen (Singapore / China), Rochyne Delaney McNulty (England), Sophie Morrow (Australia), Ivetta Sunyoung Kang (Canada / South Korea), Marcia Vaitsman (Brazil).

Berndt, C, Across Pieces of Sky, June 2021, Trocadero Art Space, March 2020, Footscray, Australia with Shraddha Borawake (India), Dongyan Chen (Singapore / China), Rochyne Delaney McNulty (England), Sophie Morrow (Australia), Ivetta Sunyoung Kang (Canada / South Korea), Marcia Vaitsman (Brazil).

Berndt, C, Despite of Flatness, Groupshow showcasing the work of students from the Victorian College of the Arts Graduate Certificate, produced during the COVID19 lockdown period, Sandbox Studios, Brunswick, February 2021.


2021    University of Melbourne, Faculty Completion Scholarship

2020    University of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music Academic Assistantship Program

2019    Graduate Research Scholarship recipient

2019    Verge Gallery, The University of Sydney Union, Exhibitor Grant Link Tree,
            Verge Gallery, Sydney, 2020

2019    Faculty Graduate Research Grant: Berlin research residency

2019    Islands islands publication content commission, Bus projects

2018/19  The University of Melbourne Venice Biennale Internship

2018    Runway Journal, Australian Experimental Arts content commission

2018    City of Yarra, Arts Grant, Moving Pixels with the Speed of Light

2018    City of Yarra, Small Grant Scheme, Collision Level, St Heliers Gallery, 2018

2017    Felt Space Philanthropic Grant, Collision Level, Felt Space, 

2016    Fiona Myer Award for Excellence, MFA Graduate Exhibition 

2016    VCA & MCM Faculty Small Grant, MFA Graduate Exhibition 

2016    Faculty Graduate Student Assistance Grant, VCA

2015    UMSU Creative Arts Grant – University of Melbourne, Travelling the Alpha Layer

2015    Faculty Graduate Student Assistance Grant, VCA

2006    The University of Auckland Kate Edger Millennium Award for Academic Excellence, Visual Art


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Nelson, Robert, Good Gourd: works get to the heart of matter, The Age, April 13, 2016. Page 40- 41

Pitt, Anatol, ‘What does it mean to haunt your own self-portrait?’ Exhibition Catalogue: Elapse. Published by Kings Ari, Melbourne 2017.P3

Russo Madelaine, ‘Moving and Still Targets,
Exhibition Catalogue: Elapse. Published by Kings Ari, Melbourne 2017. p4


Artbank, Melbourne; private collections; National Gallery of Australia